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cero – The heart of your inspiration

Architecture and its relationship to the natural environment have always played an important role in façade design. The original function of architecture – offering shelter from the elements – has changed significantly over the course of millennia. This process has implicated a change of traditional building envelopes.

We use this understanding of architecture to fulfil new standards and create a modern and fluent passage between the indoors and outdoors. Our focus has been to develop a medium that fuses different requirements flexibly while adding shape to transitions. This architectural tool is not like a traditional window but more like a passion: bringing the outside, inside.

The Window

The Old Germanic word for window, ‘wind eye’ (Gothic windauga), is still evident in the modern English and Danish language (window/vindue). In Old High German, it was augadoro (literally ‘eye door’). These terms were generally used for wall openings closed with animal skins or parchment. With the first more complex building structures, new static challenges were born: A load transfer for stonework surrounding wall openings was needed. The unrestricted use of window lintels, braces and breastwork only became possible through the use of steel and reinforced concrete. cero is the consequent evolution of the window pushing the boundaries of technical creativity.

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A brand name of Solarlux

The Solarlux GmbH is a leading global provider of large-scale glazing solutions. Since 1983, the family-owned enterprise from Melle, Lower Saxony, has been developing, producing and distributing individual facade design.  Its central idea is still the same from the beginning: to open living rooms up to a maximum and therewith create a fluent transition to the natural environment. Today, its global reference list speaks volumes. This includes private residences, modern apartment complexes, universities, concert halls, stadiums and skyscrapers – not only in Germany but everywhere around the world.

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Made in Germany

Inventive talent, accurate craftsmanship and customer intimacy are parts of Solarlux basis to build high quality products. cero is “Made in Germany” down to the last detail. Development, design and production completely take place in Bissendorf by the hands of highly qualified specialists. The Solarlux management system is ISO 9001 certified and therefore fulfils all international standards. And cero will continue to be ‘Made in Germany’ in the future: A new, modern Solarlux headquarters is being built in the city of Melle, Lower Saxony, marking a new milestone in the company’s history.

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Environmental protection

Solarlux takes great responsibility for the environment in all aspects. The company consequently fulfils legal standards and is, of course, certified according to EN ISO 14001. But Solarlux aspiration is not only to fulfil standards but even to be better than that: to live responsibility and reach our maximum potential.

That is why Solarlux consistently updates its environmental programme outlining its key objectives for the next two years. Currently the company is working on a new energy concept to replace conventional energy sources with renewable ones such as solar panels – which are to be included as part of the new headquarters in Melle.