cero: The outdoors indoors08. January 2015

Solarlux, the market leader for folding glass doors and glass extensions, presented a sliding window with exceptional dimensions at the BAU 2015 trade fair: A single cero panel can be up to 6 m high and 4 m wide and measure up to 15 m².

cero facilitates sculptural architecture with spectacular perspectives: At over 4 m high, the sliding windows at Solarlux's stand meant no visitor could fail to look upwards. Those who set such stringent standards in terms of aesthetic interior architecture do not want to have to make compromises when it comes to comfort. Thanks to the new motorised control, the cero elements which weigh up to 1000 kg can be opened and closed almost silently at the touch of a button. And even without a motor, they glide effortlessly to the side – something the visitors could experience for themselves using the 760 kg panel at the stand.


cero also satisfies the requirement for safety: Solarlux has optimised this system in line with the burglar resistance standard DIN EN 1627-1630 2011-09 and had it certified by the Velbert test institute (PIV) to burglary protection class RC2.


At the BAU 2015 cero was presented for the first time in three versions. cero 2 and cero 3 are heat-insulated variants with double and triple glazing. cero 1, on the other hand, is a non-insulated system and thus suited for applications where heat-insulating properties are not necessary. With this, the manufacturer has rounded off the product family and opened it up to varying climate zones.

The aluminium sections of all three systems measure 34 mm and are just about the width of two fingers. The frames which are concealed when installed dovetail seamlessly into the wall and ceiling. Together with the threshold-free transition, this creates a unique spatial feeling – the indoors and outdoors blend into one.


cero also boasts two decisive technical USPs: The novel carriage mechanism and the standardised compensation of glass tolerances. In contrast to systems from other manufacturers, the carriage mechanism is located in the panel and not in the floor track. This prevents it from becoming soiled: Whilst the running properties of most sliding windows deteriorate over time, cero continues to run smoothly. And since cero glass panels are not rigidly glued together but, instead, set flexibly into the sections and glazed with glass strips, the frame can absorb glass tolerances. This is a major advantage for large triple-glazed panels in particular. With this design cero is the first system to actually satisfy the statutory requirements in terms of glazing rebate back ventilation and drainage.


cero is a brand of Solarlux. More information under www.cero.de


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