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cero - one system, three variants

Large-scale fixed or moveable cero elements combine architecture, design and technology in a masterful way. At only 34 millimetres wide, the slim aluminium profile enables maximum transparency. The concealed frames fit perfectly into the floor, wall and ceiling. Although the glass elements can reach a maximum of 15 square metres and a weight of up to 1,000 kilograms, intelligent technology ensures they are effortless to move. The different system types, I, II and III, make cero perfect for different climate zones.

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The design options with cero are as diverse as the application possibilities. The system components including sliding, fixed or corner elements can be combined in almost an endless number of configurations including colour, style and much more, to give you design flexibility. The end result is up to your imagination and creativity.

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Comfort & safety

Despite glass panes weighing up to 1,000 kilograms, cero sliding doors can be easily opened and closed. Thanks to an optional motorised control system, moving the elements is even easier. Security plays a particularly important role: The cero system can be optionally certified to security class RC2 or RC3 / Secure by Design. Additionally cero can be equipped with special glass and can be integrated into an existing alarm system. The use of an intruder alarm sensor that activates when the glass breaks is also possible.

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cero brings together two unique technical features: glass ventilation and innovative runner technology. The integrated glass rebate ventilation enables the venting of the window edge and controlled drainage. This design is the first to meet the statutory requirements for glass rebate ventilation and drainage. The stainless-steel rollers are integrated into the sash profile and protected from dirt by cleaning brushes. This lets the moveable panels stay soft and light.

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    cero I

    cero 1 is an uninsulated system with double glazing and a sash installation depth of 52 mm. It is particularly suitable for types of applications where thermal insulation is not required.

  • cero IIIa

    cero III

    cero 3 offers high thermal insulation with triple glazing and a sash installation depth of 72 mm. cero 3 is particularly energy-efficient, a design highlight for luxurious private construction. The system can achieve U values of ≤ 0.80 W/m2K, thus meeting passive house standards.