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cero I

cero I is an uninsulated system with double glazing and a sash installation depth of 52 mm. It is particularly suitable for types of applications where thermal insulation is not required.


cero I

Sliding elements (max. width × max. height)

3 × 4 m / max. sash size 12 m²

Fixed glazing (max. width × max. height)

3 × 4 m / max. sash size 12 m²

Insulating glass

30 – 36 mm (ESG)

Daylight / glass proportion


Runner technology

Stainless-steel rollers and slide rails

Slide rail / base profile

barrier-free in accordance with DIN 18 025

Sash weight

max. 600 kg

Surface areas

34 mm all around

Frame height

0 – 75 mm

Special requirements
  • Connection to alarm system, position monitoring and notification systems such as glass-breakage sensors
  • Functional glass protecting against break-in, bullet impact and noise
  • Electrical drive
Technical features
  • Replaceable rollers (without removing the sashes)
  • Reinforced brush seals in front of rollers
  • Glazing rebate ventilation and draining excluding vertical sash sealing
  • Glass thickness tolerances of up to 5 mm possible
  • Linear load transfer in structur
  • Polyethylene-reinforced Q-Lon seals
  • 24 mm locking latch in locking point/frame profile
  • Locking points adjustable by +/–5 mm